When you select our service, you are hiring an expert team of experienced writers to craft an essay. Each of our experts is an expert in their respective field, and each has several years of experience drafting, writing, and editing essays on topics across each field. So, when you hire our writers, you should not anticipate that your purchased essay will require any changes. Our writers edit and proofread each essay several times to ensure that it is of the highest standards. From time to time, however, our clients require a revision on their essay, and we provide the necessary changes on any essay that requires changes within the first ten days after we have returned the essay.

Most of the time, it is something minute, like a slight change in the thesis that can easily be reworked and corrected. There may be a few points that the client doesn’t like or that don’t match the assignment complete, but, as long as your reasoning was in line with your instructions, all revisions will be completely free of charge. Simply tell us which parts of the essay need to be revised, and the essay will be returned to your writer to make the necessary changes.

We guarantee all revisions provided that you specified the directions when you purchased the essay. If you give our writers one set of directions and then ask us to revise the essay according to another, we will have to charge you for these changes. Asking for revisions according to a different set of directions is almost like asking for an entirely new project, so free revisions will not be provided. But, rest assured that if your revision requests are reasonable, according to the instructions you gave at the beginning of the project, we guarantee to revise your essay for free!