WOSC Knowledge Management

Army Knowledge Management (Informal Definition)
The right knowledge, to the right person, at the right time (to meet the mission objective)
Are knowledge management and information management synonymous?
Is information Management an Art or a science?
Is knowledge management an art or a science?
Explain explicit knowledge.
written or documented knowledge in media that can be organized or stored whether digital or non-digital
Explain tacit knowledge.
Consists of comprehension gained through study, experience, practice, and human interaction. (80-90%) of all knowledge exists as individuals experience, expertise, or insights
What are the 4 levels of the KM cognitive hierarchy starting at the bottom.
Data (bottom)
Understanding (top)
What is the step between Data and Information?
What is the step between Information and Knowledge?
What is the step between Knowledge and Understanding?
What is the Armys contribution to the global information grid (GIG)?
Landwar Net
What is on top of the landwar net?
Platforms and sensors
What is in the cylindar of land war net, starting from the top?
Transport Infrastructure
What are the steps of the KM Process?

1. Assess
2. Design
3. Develop
4. Pilot
5. Implement

What are the components of KM, and give an example of each?
1. People (MP)
2. Processes (AAR, OPORD, Right seat ride)
3. Tools (Tiger, CPOF, BFT)
4. Organization (The unit)
What are the principles of knowledge management?
1. Understanding
2. Sharing
3. Integrating
4. Connecting
5. Learn
6. Trust
What are the types of virtual communities?
Informal Networks (bottom)
Communities of interest
Knowledge center
Communities of practice
Communities of purpose
Which virtual community is used to inform?
Which virtual community is used to achieve goals?
Communities of purpose
Which virtual community is used to exchange content?
Knowledge center
Which virtual community is used to chat?
Communities of interest
Which virtual community is used for knowledge transfer & creation?
Communities of practice