What was the most serious threat to a person’s health in the early 1990’s?
infectious diseases
Which type of condition is defined as a disease that develops and continues over a long period?
chronic disease
What are the three leading causes of death in the USA
Heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease.
what are the three leading causes of death for Americans between 15 and 24 years old?
Car accidents, suicide, and homicide
Which is characteristic of the typical American diet ?
unhealthy fats
what is a good strategy for achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight?
regular exercise
what is the most effective way of dealing with disease?
to prevent them and go to the doctor once a year
according to the latest recommendations, for substantial health benefits adults should do how much exercise per week?
150 mins a week of moderate aerobic exercise
Physical activity guidelines published by US department of health and human services suggest which action per day to achieve or maintain weight loss?
60-90 mins moderately per day
what is one effect of increasing one’s cardio-respiratory endurance?
resting heart rate decreases
what condition is closely linked to heart disease?
Low cardio-respiratory fitness
what is the definition of muscular strength?
how much you can lift one time
Muscular endurance?
how much you can lift many times
the ability to move joints through their full range of motion
what is the best way to lose body fat?
sensible diet and exercise
How quickly will people who stop exercising lose up to 50% of their fitness improvement?
within two months
If one must temporarily stop exercising regularly, which factor should be maintained while the others are curtailed?
what is the first step in creating a successful fitness program?
excess current fitness level
which actives est develop muscular strength and endurance
resistance training, weights and calisthenics
which is most effective in improving flexibility?
strengthening the major muscle groups regularly
what is a key to improving fitness
exercise consistently
which combination of activities develops healthy body composition?
residence training, cardio, and diet
into what substance do most carbohydrates break down during digestion?
what is the storage form of carbohydrate in the liver, muscles and kidneys?
what is the definition of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
basic form of energy used by cells
which response occurs immediately when one exercises
increased heart rate
how does regular endurance exercise contribute to better control of body fat?
increase daily calorie expenditure
which is the most important exercise factor for achieving training effects
which activity is NOT an appropriate cardio respiratory endurance exercise
resistance training
ex) push ups
which term refers to excessive loss of body fluid
what should a beginner do during the initial phase of an exercise program
exercise at low end of heart rate range
what results when heat loss exceeds the body’s ability to warm itself?
what is RICE in relation to injury
how is muscular strength assessed?
amount of force a muscle can produce with a single max effort
what is hypertrophy
increased in size of muscle fiber
what characterizes slow twitch muscle fibers
fatigue resistance
which activities predominantly use slow twitch muscle fibers
endurance activities
what percentage of Americans will be afflicted with low back pain at some point in their life?
when does the metabolic rate increase?
when muscle mass increases
which essential hormone do men have in high amounts than women?
at what age do people typically begin to lose muscle mass?
which type of exercise is an individual performing when she or he jumps from a platform to the ground and then jumps back up on the platform
what is the min number of training days per week for gaining strength
what determines training intensity for weight training
the amount of weight resistance you lift
which stretching technique is most commonly associate with injury
which activity is one of the common stretching techniques
when should a person perform stretching exercises
2-3 days a week
which approach for the prevention and management of low back pain is correct
exercise for 3 days a week
which structure absorb and disperse stress on the spine
interbertebral disk
what is likely to cause back pain
weak muscles
why do women have a higher proportion of essential fat than men?
fat deposits in gender specific sites
what is one possible explanation for the increase in obesity among Americans over the past 40 years?
increased portion size
what condition do obese people develop at three times the rate non obese people?
which is true about those with an apple shape
increase risk of heart disease, mortality and diabetes
which lifestyle change can benefit a person with diabetes
increase daily activity
people who gain weight in the ______________ are at greater risk for early onset hear disease
which technique for evaluation health risks associated with body weight is based on the concept that a person’s weight should be proportional to his or her height
which activity is the best complete fitness program
cardio, muscular strength, stretching, flex
what is the recommended total duration for cardio respiratory endurance training
20-60 mins
what is an appropriate frequency for a cardio respiratory endurance program
3-5 times per week
what is a general rule for stretching
stretch to point of slight tension
what is one benefit of starting an exercise program slowly
allows body to adjust to exercising
which term refers to an exercise program in which a person varies his or her activities to develop balanced total body fitness
cross training
which strategy can help you maintain an exercise program
keep exercise log or journal
what should be the focus of exercise for children under 12 years old
skill development
what is an appropriate exercise guideline for older adults
resistance, endurance, and flexibility