UPS Management Commitment Statement

I am personally responsible for creating an environement that is safe by choice, not by chance
I will not turn the other way when I see an at risk condition, work process, or behavior.
I will commit to providing quality safety prevention training in an ongoing effort to ensure my employees use safe work methods
I commit to ensuring compliance with government regulations in my work area
I will regularly observe my operation to:
A: Provide positive feedback for the use of safe work methods
B: Provide constructive coaching from employees observed using at risk behaviors.
I will ensure that all injuries and auto accidents that i am made aware of are reported immediately, and i will help investigate each occurrence immediately and thoroughly.
A: I will involve and all others necessary to evaluate all the factors so that everyone understands the root cause.
B: I will reduce the risks that are under my control, and evaluate the risks that are not under my control to the appropriate level.
I will work with management to ensure my committee is given the appropriate amount of time to complete their work.
A: I will celebrate health, safety, and wellness achievements with employees and recognize safe behavior.
I will encourage each employee to make health, safety, and wellness a personal value for themselves, their families, and their co-workers.
I will encourage all employees in my operation to avoid any in-vehicle distractions, even if no distracted driving legislation has been enacted.
I Jake Matwiejczyk commit to making health, and safety a personal value by demonstrating leadership in health, wellness, and safety in the following ways: