Unit 2

Term Definition
setting where and when the action takes place; helps establish a context for the events of the story
imagery/sensory language descriptive or figurative language used to create word pictures; using the 5 senses to describe something in detail
textual evidence quotations, summaries, or paraphrases from text passages used to support a position
commentary the writer's statements about the meaning and importance of the details and examples
transition words words or phrases that connect ideas, details, or events in writing
point of view the perspective from which the story is told
Which pronouns would be used in 1st person POV? I, me, my, our, us
Which pronouns would be used in 3rd person POV? he, she, they
characterization character's appearance; what the character says; what others say about the character; character's actions
internal conflict a struggle within oneself due to conflicting feelings, emotions, decisions; man vs. self
external conflict a struggle between one or more outside forces; man vs. man; man vs. society; man vs. nature
simile a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
metaphor a comparison of two unlike things not using like or
personification giving human-like traits to nonhuman things or objects
theme the lesson, message, or moral of the story; what the author wants us to get out of the text
What does the RATT strategy stand for? R-rephrase the question as part of yourA-answerT-textual evidenceT-thoughts; add commentary
What point of view is the following: Is there a study guide to help prepare us for finals? 1st person POV
The following is an example of what kind of conflict: after breaking his mother's favorite vase, Casey struggles to decide whether he should tell his mother the truth, or whether he should attempt to hide his mistake. Internal Conflict
Identify the figurative language: Lightning danced across the sky. Personification
Identify the figurative language: The quarterback was throwing nothing but rockets and bombs in the field. Metaphor
Don't judge a book by its cover is an example of… theme
Determination is crucial to success is an example of… theme

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