The cell cycle Mitosis and cytokinesis

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Why did scientist name mitosis and synthesis gaps and not something else? Since they could not see anything happening during the other parts of interphase , Scientists named the periods between mitosis and synthesis "gap 1 and gap 2".
What type of cycle does a cell have? Just as all species have life cycles, from tiny chihuahuas to massive beluga whales, cells also have a life cycle.
Why cant they attach to each other? They prevent the ends of chromosomes from accidentally attaching to each other, and they help prevent the loss of genes.
How does it fit inside a cell that is small? If stretched out straight and laid end to end, the DNA in just one of your cells would be about 3 meters long (10 feet long).
How big does the spindle fibers grow? Organized microtubules called spindle fibers grow from the centrioles and radiate toward the center of the cell.
Why do single cell organisms use cell division to do all of those things? Single celled organisms use cell division to reproduce, whereas multicellular organisms use it for growth, development, and repair.
What is the cell cycle? A regular pattern of growth, DNA duplication and cell division that occurs in eukaryotic cell.
Does this mean that the cells would not be alive anymore? Yes or No Cells nave upper and lower size limits. If cells were too small, they could not contain all of the necessary organelles and molecules…
Is the cell cycle same for all? Stages of the cell cycle and the proteins that control it are similar in all eukaryotes.
Is it okay if a cell is large? Some must be large with a large surface area.
What is the cell cycles 4 main stages? Gap 1, Synthesis,Gap 2, Mitosis
What do the 4 main stages do? Gap1, Gap 2 and synthesis make up interphase. Got their name of early cell division. Interphase undergo critical growth and prepration for cell division. Mitosis is when the cell duplicates and cytokinesis is when the cells divide.
Do cells divide different rates? Pro cells divide faster than eu cells.
What would happen if the cell size isnt coordinated? Cells would become to small to live.
Why is cell size important? Small cells dont have alot of neccessary O and M to be big.

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