Test 2

Question Answer
Sterilization The destruction of all forms of life (sterile)
Disinfection Destruction of harmful microorganisms (disinfectant) (not sterile)
Antisepsis Disinfectant applies to living tissue
Degerming Mechanical removal of microorganisms ( soap and water)
Sanitization Lower microorganisms to a safe acceptable level
What is sepsis? Bacteria in blood
What is asepsis? Is the absence of significant contamination (no bacteria in blood)
What does an aseptic surgery do? Prevents microbial contamination of wounds
What does the suffix a??cidea?? means A treatment that kills (kill on contact)
What does the suffix a??stat or stasisa?? means? Treatment that inhibits growth (slows its growth)
What are some actions of microbial control agents do? Damage to proteins (destroys its functions)
What are the physical methods of the controlling of microbial growth? Heat, TDP, TDT, DRT, moist heat boiling and pasteurization, dry heat
What is TDP? Thermal death point which is the lowest temperature at which all cells in a culture are killed in 10min (time)
What is TDT? Thermal death time which time during which all cells in a culture are killed at a specific temperature. (Temp)
What is coagulation of protoens? Boiling It destroys structures and functions
What is an autoclave? Ita??s a vault that steams under pressure
Pasteurization does what in the physical method of control? Reduces spoilage organisms and pathogens.Not sterile High-temperature short-time 72 degrees C for 15 secUltra-high-temperature:140 degrees C for < 1 sec (UHT)
What is (UHT) Ultra-high-temperature considered as? Sterile
What is dry heat sterilization Kills by oxidation (burning)
What kind of technique is filtration.

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