Question Answer
Gastr- Stomach
Cardi- Heart
Megal- Enlarged
-itis Inflammation
Dermat- Skin
Plast- Surgical repair
Cerebr- Brain
Path- Disease
-ectomy Surgical removal
Enter- Intestines
-osis Any condition
-otomy Cut into
Aden- Gland
Angi- Vessel
-oma Tumor
Nephr- Kidney
Hepat- Liver
Arthr- Joint
Blephar- Eyelid
-ologist Specialist
Rhin- Nose
Gingiv- Gum
-malacia Soft
-ology Study of
Spam Involuntary contraction
What is the element made out of? Prefix+Root+Suffix
Main/body of the element Root
What does audionym mean? Sound | Name

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