Question Answer
A person that watches television. Untelevidente- couch potato
What you use to take pictures. Una camara- camera
The class to be a journalist. El periodismo- journalism
The title of an article. El titular- title
A person who writes a novel. Autor- author
Garfield is my favorite. Tiracomica- comic strip
The news of the world is a program. Internacional- international
The news of the city is a program. Local-local
A person that investigates what happens. Un reportero- reporter
A person that jobs another person. Un ladron- thief
A news program. El notictiero- news
What you watch 8n between programs. Los anucios- commericals.
A synonym of a journalist. Escritor- writters
When you play with others they like to Competir- compete.
A person that looks for errors in an article. La editora
A synonym of facts. Los hechos- facts.

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