Supervision, concepts and practices 9f management chapter 9 and 10

Managerial function of staffing
Recruitment, selection,orientation,training employees
How often a supervised should review the job description ?
List some reasons why organizations usually promote from within.
Employees know organization, already fits in,costs less fit culture time
Be able to identify some examples of legitimate selection criteria
Experience, education,test scores,communication skills,job knowledge,interview
Directive approach management
Yes,no , specific questions, interviewer guides discussion
In directive approach
Open ended, gives interviewee latitude to ask questions
Conduct successful interview
Take notes, job related questions,let applicant ask questions
Hiring relatives, favoritism
Why it is important to document hiring decisions
To prove decision, related to job related facts
What is realistic job interview
Giving information to the applicant, good and bad
What is halo effect
Assume candidate good because of one good quality
Horn effect
Assume candidate bad because of one bad quality
Can be developed
Effective leadership
Challenging the process, encouraging heart, envisioning future
Contigency style leadership
No one leadership style is best, depends on multitude of factors
Supervisory style this compatible with Y theory
Describe participative style of supervision
Sharing ideas, opinions, information, gives employees an opportunity input and share
How can supervisor overcome normal employee resistance to change
Consult employees ahead of time, interact with employees
Why do employees resist change
Loss of status quo, loss of security, wages change