Ss Test

Question Answer
Secede To formally separate from
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) -hate group -white supremacist (thinks they r more superior than others) group who used terrorism to gain power
Literacy Tests a reading or writing test used to deny voting rights for African Americans
Freedman a former slave who has been freed
Segregation Forceful separation in different groups OR (In Other Words)The forced separation of different groups
Carpetbagger A person who runs for elected office in a place where they are not from
Reconstruction The period of time following the Civil War in which the South rebuild and rejoin the Union
Casualty injury or death as a result of war
Share cropping A system in which a person, usually a freedman, uses the land owned by another in exchange for a portion of the crops produced on that land plus related fees
Black Codes Laws that attempted to limit the rights of African Americans following emancipation (to set free)
Radical Republicans A group within the Republican Political Party who favored punishments for former confederates and equality of freedman
Poll Tax A fee required to vote, used to deny voting rights of African Americans
Jim Crow Laws Laws on the local and state level that enforced segregation

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