Sports entertainment marketing chapter 1

is the creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationship.
Marketing Mix
describes how a business blends the four marketing elements of product, distribution, price, and promotion.
is what a business offers customers to satisfy needs
involves the locations and methods used to make products available to customers.
is the amount that customers pay for products
Discretionary Income
is the amount of money individuals have available to spend after paying for the necessities of life and other fixed expenses, such as housing and car payments.
shared characteristics of a group, such as age, martial status, gender, ethnic background income level and education level.
Sports Marketing
using sports to market products
Gross Impression
number of times per ad. , game, or show that product or service associated with an athlete, team, entertainment.
some type of performance that people are willing to spend their money and spare time watching.
Entertainment Marketing
how people choose to spend their time and money.
the price of commercial time slots