Slides 2 Chapter 4 VISIBLE WINDOWS

The primary interface to the computer is the Windows _____.
Any Windows session begins with _____.
One of the main jobs of the taskbar is to show the _____.
What is the official name of the system tray (the area to the far right on the taskbar)?
Access to all drives and folders in XP is provided through _____.
To access an extra menu in just about any view, you can _____ the mouse.
Where can you find files that have been deleted?
Windows _____ provides access to most of the maintenance, upgrade, and configuration utilities interface.
Which key can you press to access help from just about anywhere?
System management utilities such as Disk Defragmenter can be accessed from the _____ menu.
System Tools
Which Control Panel applet is used to configure the overall appearance of the desktop in Windows Vista and 7?
Which utility allows users to view and configure hardware and drivers in a Windows PC?
Device Manager
The icons in the Control Panel of a Windows system are links to files with the extension _____.
Microsoft Management Console is a shell program that holds individual utilities called _____.
Windows combines almost all of the snap-ins into an applet in the Control Panel called _____.
Administrative Tools
Which one of the following is not a valid Windows 7 edition?
Windows 7 Home Starter
Which of the following is a stripped-down edition of the OS designed to complement the limited role of the netbook?
Windows 7 Starter
How much RAM can a 64-bit processor address?
16 terabytes
The __________ library folders are located under C:UsersPublic.
Where can applets be found?
Control Panel
What is the tool used to examine and configure the hardware and drivers within a system?
Device Manager
How is a problem shown in Device Manager?
a Red X
Where do 32-bit programs go in 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7?
C:My Documents (x32)
Which one of the following is not a valid Windows Vista edition?
Windows Vista Professional
Which file system is the most secure?
Which one of the following operating systems is covered on the current CompTIA A+ exams?
Windows 7
Which version of Windows lacks the ability to log on to a Windows domain, encrypt files and folders, and support multiple CPUs?
Windows XP Home
How can you easily determine what version of Windows your computer is running?
Right-click My Computer/Computer and select properties
You have a 32-bit CPU and a 32-bit version of Windows. What is the maximum amount of RAM your system can use?
4 GB
32-bit versions of Windows are designed to run on which architecture?
What type of CPUs are x64 operating systems and software primarily designed for?
What can you use in Windows Vista to run a problem program that worked in a previous operating system?
Compatibility mode
Which of the following are not the proper video requirements for running the Aero desktop?
DirectX 8 or better
Which one of the following statements is true?
In windows xp the quick launch toolbar is not displayed on the taskbar by default.
How do you make file extensions in Windows Explorer visible in Windows XP?
Click Tools | Folder Options | View tab and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
What does Windows Vista use in place of the former My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music folders?
Documents, pictures and music
What is the default amount of drive space set aside for the Recycle Bin in Windows XP?
Varies according to drive size.
What shows all the current network connections in Windows Vista?
Which of the following is located on the desktop and uses Microsoft Gadgets?
Which function key is for help?
What does pressing the Ctrl-Esc hot-key combination produce?
Displays the start menu
What does pressing Ctrl-X do when working with a text document?
What does pressing the Windows Key-L key combination do?
Locks the computer
Which edition of Windows can only be purchased directly from Microsoft, and includes extra features designed for large businesses?
Windows 7 enterprise
Which of the following features are not supported by Windows Vista Basic and Windows 7 Starter?
Aero desktop
Which feature, supported by Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Vista Enterprise, is not supported by the Home or professional versions?
BitLocker Driver Encryption
The Libraries feature, which aggregates folders from multiple locations and places them in a single, easy-to-find spot in Windows Explorer, is only supported in which edition of Windows?
Windows 7
Which version of Windows 7 adds support for joining domains?
Windows 7 pro
What does pressing the F3 function key do?
Opens the search Menu
Which version of Windows uses “pinned” applications instead of Quick Launch?
Windows 7