Sheep management

Provide two sources of cash income
Fine wool
Account for more than 50 percent of the worlds sheep population
Medium wool
Large framed and capable of producing high quality, high yielding fleeces
Long wool
Produce high yielding fleeces and are popular among hand spinners
Smaller and white in color with grayish face
Largest white faced breed in the united states
East friesian
Most productive dairy breed
Known for their multiple births
Coat of course wool in winter months and shed the wool going into summer months
Provide the genetics of which commercial sheep production and the market value of offspring
Production is aimed towards maximizing production and the market value of offspring
Average live weight of a slaughter lamb
Prime, choice, good, cull
The usda quality grades for lamb
Sheep are classifies as (blank) meaning they have a four compartment stomach
The death of livestock due to predators
First limiting nutrient in an animals diet
Overeating, disease brought on by heavy feeding over a period of time
Causes stiffness or rigor in the bodys muscle
Urinary calculi
Disease that causes stones or crystals to form in the urinary tract and usually occurs when animals are fed a high concentrates diet or do bot drink enough water
White muscle
Otherwise known as nutritional muscular dystrophy and causes the degeneration of muscle in lambs
Sore mouth
Causes ulcerations and scabs around the lips and in the mouth of a sheep and can spread to the udder of a ewe
Weight, finish, muscle
Selection of market lambs are based on three main factors
Alos known as cover, term used to market animals, external fatness of an animal
Greece fleece
Wool is evaluated as (blank) meaning the wool in the condition in which it is short befor washing and scouring
The fleece is an estimate of the percentage of the amount of clean wool fibers which will be obtained after the scouring process
The fitness, of the wool refers to the fiber micron diameter
Body condition
Number that describes the level of flesh or fat that an animal possesses
5 months/148 days
Gestation or pregnancy length in sheep
Gestation ends with what is known as
Term used for trouble giving birth
Filled with antibodies from the mother, paves the orad for the future health, immunity and the survival of the young
Traditional weaning age for lambs is about (blank) months
Tagging, notching, tattooing
Different ways to identify animals
Castration, also refered to as (blank) affects the overall performance of an animal and is important to the success if commercial operations
Removing the tail at or near the tail head
Tagging or (blank) is known as removing the wool around the dock and mammary glands