Scientific Method

Question Answer
experimental group of an experiment where the scientist does not change anything and is used as a basis of comparison control
the factor in an experiment that a scientist changes or manipulates independent variable
factors in an experiment that remain the same regardless of the group constant
factor in an experiment that responds to change – what you are looking for in the data dependent variable
an educated and testable guess or prediction of the results of an experiment hypothesis
the smallest unit of life cell
all of the living things on earth biosphere
all of the living and nonliving things in an area a the same time ecosystem
group of organisms that are able to reproduce and create fertile offspring population
several tissues that work together to carry out a function in an organism organ
quantitative data measuring the jumping distance of frogs while feeding them different types of food – numerical data
qualitative data students tracking the color change of leaves on a tree – descriptive data
y-axis when plotting data from an experiment, the dependent variable is plotted
x-axis when plotting data from an experiment, the independent variable is plotted
source of error at the end of an experiment, the discussion used and brainstorm ideas for future study
groups of the same type of cell tissues
made of several organisms that work together organ systems
living things organisms
several different species that live together in the same area community
which piece of lab equipment would be use to measure small amounts of liquids very precisely graduated cylinder
in the lab, what sucks the air up fume hood
in the lab, what washes eyes from chemicals emergency eye wash station
in the lab, what washes body from chemicals emergency shower
in the lab, what gets rid of fire fire extinguisher
when trying to identify a chemical by smell, you should… waft the chemical up to your nose
you go to start a lab, and the beaker you need to use has a small amount of clear liquid inside that appears to be water. what should you do? rinse the beaker thoroughly after checking with the teacher
what should you always do after a lab clean up, put materials back, and wash your hands
a student is investigating the effect of plants on indoor air quality and states, "if plants are added to an indoor environment, the air quality will improve". this statement is an example of… a hypothesis
a tree in your backyard is home to two cardinals, a colony of ants, a wasps' nest, and a squirrel family. Together these groups of organisms represent? a community
the purpose of a control in an experiment is to provide a basis of comparison for the experimental group
a theory is… an explanation of an idea that is supported by a large body of evidence from many scientists

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