Quiz 6

A help desk structured into levels or tiers of support uses a ____.
multilevel support model
The ____ position is unlikely to exist in a help desk that is organized in a multilevel support model.
needs analyst
Which of these help desk positions is often staffed by an employee with programming or product development experience?
technical support
The goal of the multilevel support model is to handle most support incidents at ____.
the lowest support level
The usual sequence of incident escalation during help desk incident management is ____.
from incident screener to product specialist
The principal concept in the multilevel support help desk model is ____.
lower level help desk staff can refer difficult problems to higher levels
Which of the following does not normally occur during the first step in the incident management process?
Verify that the caller is authorized to call.
The purpose of prescreening an incident is to ____.
determine the type of incident and how the help desk staff will handle it
The process of updating the information about an incident as it is processed and as information is added to the incident record is called incident ____.
The incident management step in which an incident is transferred to a support staff member who has greater experience or resources to handle difficult questions is incident ____.
The incident management step in which a user’s problem is satisfactorily dealt with is called incident ____.
The incident management step in which a closed incident is stored for later use in a knowledge base of solved problems is called ____.
archive the incident
____ is not a category of management issues covered by the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
Personnel management
____ is not a common source of job stress among user support workers.
All of these are common sources
Time management tools in a help desk software package probably have the greatest impact on the productivity of ____.
a help desk agent
HelpSTAR is an example of a(n) ____.
commercial help desk package
In help desk jargon, ACD stands for ____.
automated call distributor
Which of the following forms of communication between a user and an agent is asynchronous?
The ____ technology trend may change the way computer users access software and data
cloud computing
Which of these technology trends may permit a support agent to answer questions about multiple operating systems from a single PC?