what is socialization?
the shaping of a persons behavior through interaction with others. NOT. just parent to child
what is reciprocal socialization?
when children and adolescents socialize just as parents socialize
when the behavior of one family member changes it can what?
it can influence the behavior of other family members
Happily married parents are more what?
sensitive, responsive, warm, and affectionate toward their children and adolescents
What are the parental changes that contribute to parent-adolescent relationships?
marital satisfaction, economic burdens, career reevaluation, and health and body concerns.
for most parents marital satisfaction increases after what?
after adolescents or emerging adults leave home(Think of how parents are happier when their teens go away to college)
what can influence the parent-adolescent relationships?
physical, cognitive and socioemotional changes in the adolescent.
what is the most stressful during the apex of pubertal growth?
conflict between parents and adolescents, especially between mothers and sons
with increased logical skills adolescents want to know what?
why they are being disciplined. In fine detail
even when parents give them logical reasoning for the discipline adolescents what?
with their ‘ cognitive sophistication they may call attention to deficiencies in the reasoning
To help adolescents reach their full potential, parents become what?
effective managers?
What do effective managers do?
they find information, make contacts, help structure choices, and provide guidance
what has research shown about family management practices?
research has shown that they are positively related to students’ grades and selfresponsibility, and negatively to school-related problems
what is one of the most important of family management practices?
maintaining a structured and organized environment
what is a key aspect of the manager role of parenting?
effective monitoring, which is especially important as children move into the adolescent years
Researchers have found that adolescents’ disclosure to parents about their whereabouts, activities, and friends is linked to what?
positive adolescent adjustment
what are Baumrind’s Four Parenting Styles?
Authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful and indulgent.
what is authoritarian?
authoritarian is a restrictive and punitive style.(strict)
what is authoritative?
authoritative is a style in which parents encourage adolescents to be independent but still place limits and controls on their actions
(there are rules but be free)
what is neglectful style?
neglectful style is when the parent is very uninvolved in the adolescent’s life(Do whatever u want, careless, dcf)
what is an indulgent style?
and indulgent style is when parents are highly involved with their adolescents but place few demands or controls on them( They are involved but let them make their own choices)
which of the four styles are linked to positive aspect of development?
which of the four styles are linked to a negative outcome?
a controlling indulgent style on the part of both the mother and father.
what is co parenting?
Parenting that may or may not occur with both parents living in the same household (e.g., divorce, separation)
what are Coparenting conditions that place children and adolescents at developmental risk
poor coordination,active undermining and disparagement of the other parent, lack of cooperation and warmth, disconnection by one parenting partner are, In a longitudinal study coparenting conflict was linked to parents’ negativity and adolescent adjustment three years later