Proteins Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary structure

Question Answer
Primary structure unique sequence of amino acids in the polypeptide chain(beads on a necklace)
Secondary structure reinforced by hydrogen bonds(pleated sheet or alpha helix)
Tertiary structure glob–reinforced by chemical bonds between R-groups of amino acids in different regions of polypeptide chain
Quaternary structure two or more polypeptide chains(hemoglobin-blood protein constructed from 4 polypeptides
Fibrous proteins AKA structual proteins; appear in body structures(ex:collagen and keratin);stable
Globular proteins AKA functional proteins; functions as antibodies or enzymes;can be denatured(destroy the characteristic properties of (a protein or other biological macromolecule) by heat, acidity, or other effects that disrupt its molecular conformation.)

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