Progressive Era

what are the four goals or progressivism?
Protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, creating economic reform, fostering efficiency.
How did work change as a result of the assembly line?
it increased production and convenience of products being made.
Why did the prohibition movement appeal to so many women?
women were against alcohol, as well as most others. Without alcohol their lives would be better.
What contribution did muckrakers make to the reform movement?
They were journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business and public life in magazines. They got the word out there to the public. Capitalism is not working.
Contrast the goals of scientific management with other progressive reforms.
The goal of scientific management was to use machines to make work easier and more efficient. But they had to use people so it took a little longer to get the work done.
How did city government change during the Progressive Era?
Political bosses rewarded their followers with jobs and they openly bought votes with favors and bribes.
Why did reformers seek to end child labor?
Reformer would seek to end child labor because, children were more prone to accidents, and serious health problems, the also suffered stunted growths.
Summarize the impact of the direct election of senators.
The impact of the direct election of senators, was that it was made the law of the land.
there will be 2 senators from each state, elected by the people.
17th ammendment