Complication of pregnancy , childbirth
Code 630-679
Additional codes from other chapter may be used in conjunction with the chapter 11 codes for further specify condition
Should provider document that the pregnancy is incidental to the encounter
Then code V22.2 should be used instead of any chapter 11 codes
Not complicating pregnancy
Code V22
Outpatient routine
Prenatal coding ( which can’t be conjunction with other codes from chapter 11
Outpatient high risk prenatal visit( coded as the first listed diagnosis)
It’s the provider responsibility to state that the condition being treated IS NOT affecting the pregnancy
Pregnancy with history of pre-term labor
v 23.7
Insufficient prenatal care
Supervision of other normal pregnancy
Code for (chapter 11)complication of pregnancy have sequencing PRIORITY over codes from other chapters
Outcome of delivery( should be included on every maternal Record) not on the newborn record
Outcome of delivery( should be included on every maternal Record) not on the newborn record
Code 665
If mother’s care has been impacted by fetal condition (abnormalities, problems)
Known or suspected fetal abnormalities affecting management of the mother care
Other known or suspected fetal and placental problems affecting the management of the mother
Surgery on the fetus would be under the category 655, which is known or suspected fetal abnormalities affecting mother
Code just 665, also procedure code 75.36(correction of fetal defect) should be assign in the hospital inpatient record
HIV in pregnancy
1.Code 647.6, pregnancy complication
2.code HIV 042
3.HIV related illness
If HIV is asymptomatic
1. Code 647.6
2. V08
Current complication pregnancy that will effect the management of pregnancy, childbirth, or pureperium
Code 648.
Code 648.0 and code 648.8 shouldn’t be use in the same encounter together
Diabetes in pregnancy
1. Code 648.0 diabetes in pregnancy first
2. Secondary code is from category 250, diabetes mellitus or 249, secondary diabetes
3. Code manifestation s
If pregnant patient’s diabetes is stable with long term use of insulin
1. Code diabetes in pregnancy first (648.0)
2.code V58.67 long term (current) use of insulin
Pregnant women who develop diabetes during gestation
Pre-existing diabetes for a pregnant women
Code 650
Normal delivery
Code 650 and V 27.0 are only used
To code delivery encounter
Multiple gestations( such as twins )
Code 651.0 to 651.9
Also use code V91.00-V91.99
And code V27.2 to V27.9
Postpartum period
Immediately after delivery to 6 weeks following delivery
Peripartum period
Last month of pregnancy to 5 months after delivery
Postpartum complication
Any complication occurring within the postpartum period
Code V24.0
Postpartum care and examination immediately after delivery ( it’s the principal diagnosis )
Code this for a routine postpartum occurring after the mom delivers outside the hospital and is later admitted
Complication occurs at the same time admission as delivery
Are identified with the 5 the digit of 2
If patient is admitted for postpartum complication
Then the fifth digit will be 4
If women deliver the baby outside of hospital
No code will be use, but any postpartum or procedure should be coded
Code 670.2, use additional code to identify the casual organism
If sepsis develops during delivery or soon after delivery –
Report additional code for the casual organism ( DO NOT assign a code from category 038 or 995.91
Code 677
Late effect of pregnancy and it’s always sequenced after the code describing the sequelae of the complication
Code 634-637
Indicates the requirement for the fifth digits
The doth digits specifies
Whether or not the abortion was completed, in completed or not documented ( unspecific)
Code 640-648
Code 651-659
Complication leading to abortion
Code 639
Complication following abortion and can’t be use with code 634-637
Abortion with live fetus
1. Code 644.21
2. Code V27- outcome of delivery
3. Procedure code for attempted termination pregnancy
For retained product
Code 634(spontaneous abortion) or 635(legally induced abortion) with the fifth digit of 1( incomplete )