Module 6: The Marketing Matrix

Dream Client Formula
Client Characteristics (Demographics)
+ Your Client’s Problem
+What they need/ want to fix it
+How they buy (Psychographics & Behavioral Data)
+The best way to communicate with them
Data that describes a group of people in terms of their tastes, opinions, personality traits, and lifestyle habits.
Target Market
A group of people or organizations for which an organization designs, implements, and maintains a marketing mix intended to meet the needs of that group, resulting in mutually satisfying exchanges
Determining the best ways for customers to locate,obtain,and use the products and services of an organization. Involves moving the product each step from the deign idea to the consumer.
A marketing function needed to communicate information about goods, services, images, and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome. Marketing element referring to the various types of communications that marketers use to inform, persuade, or remind customers of their products.
A distinct and appealing idea that sets you and your business favorably apart from every other competitor. The key is to focus on the need or gap of your niche and your ideal client.
Public service announcements
Press Release
Trade shows
exhibitions where companies associated with an industry gather to showcase their products
online magazine
Social Media
involves electronic technologies that link people to networks and allow the exchange of personal and professional information as well as common interests such as product and brand preferences
A Web log, or blog, is an online journal or diary where writers, known as bloggers, may chronicle their daily lives or comment on news and popular culture
Any information about an individual, product, or organization that’s distributed to the public through the media and that’s not paid for or controlled by the seller.
Public Relations
any activity designed to create a favorable image of a business, its products, or its policies
activities intended to help sell a product
A paid form of communication sent out by a business about a product or service.
A collection of related web pages; can contain images, video, or other digital formats
Website Plan
1. The purpose – Websites are either information or e-commerce
2. Goals – Be clear and specific
3. Be a visitor – Look at it from their perspective. Why will they stay? Will they return?
4. Write your content – Your Home, About Us and FAQ pages should be written first. Make sure all of the content you write is useful for your visitor
5. Add additional pages – Using your purpose/ goals, decide what content should be added to your website and keep it interesting
6. Make it easy to navigate – Keep things short and sweet with a good balance of words and photos/ videos. User-friendly technology is a must
7. Make an update schedule – Information your website should be kept fresh.
Press Kit
• Letter of introduction
• Company history (or personal history) – Bios & basic information about your business including achievements, awards and honors
• Singe sheets – Company fact sheets about specific products or services
• Tip sheets/ FAQ’s
• Press coverage – Include articles, press releases, white papers, etc.
• Photos & Images – Camera ready logo
• Photo
• Resume/ Biography
• Professional Affiliations & Certifications
• Business Licenses, Permits & Certificates of Insurance
• Letters of reference
• Work samples (photos)
• Accomplishments
• Awards
• Published articles
• Media clippings
• Sample “Working With Me” Forms
A graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark).
Business card
small publication (3 ½ x 2 inches) containing information such as name, title, business, address, phone numbers, logo
Printed Collateral
Sales brochure

Promotion cards

Product/ service data sheets

Product/ service white papers

Branded promotional products

Printed newsletter

Digital Collateral
Audio CD

Video DVD

PowerPoint Presentation

Digital Brochure/ Booklet

E-Newsletter/ E-Zine