Module 1 Quiz

T/F Technology itself isn’t stressful, it’s how we let it run our lives that experts suggest is stressful.
T/F Race and gender issues are ultimately caused by threats to one’s ego.
T/F Shelley Taylor coined the Nest and Nurture
This layer of the Human Energy Field is most closely related to emotional processing:
Astral layer
T/F Only real stress; not imagined stress can affect health.
T/F Future Shock is best described as a panic attack about future events.
T/F The words Change and Stress are now considered to mean the same thing.
T/F Regarding the hormones involved with sleep, melatonin increases as serotonin decreases.
The Lipton Model is closest to:
None of the above
T/F Serotonin is believed to be the neurotransmitter that is associated with the ‘addiction’ to emails and text messages.
Secondary PTSD is best defined as:
family and friends who are affected by someone with PTSD
T/F According to sociologists, it’s the direct lack of social contact skills that are sorely lacking in the American culture today.
Which gland is best known as the stress gland?
the Adrenal gland
T/F People between the ages of 15-25 are known to be better at multitasking than older adults
T/F The World Health Organization calls stress a global epidemic.
T/F According to the UN Secretary General, future wars will be fought over water.
What stressor topped the list of problems college students face in Homes and Rahes inventory?
Death in the family
What is not typically considered a factor regarding sleep hygiene?
Eating ice cream before bed
What hormone greatly affects the role of melatonin with regard to the quality of sleep?
In terms of stress and disease, this chakra area is suggested to be related to free will and a meaningful purpose in life.
Throat Chakra
T/F Perts Model includes the chakra system.
T/F The amygdala is now recognized at the part of the brain that first recognizes fear.
T/F Emotional well-being is best described as “the ability to feel and express the entire range of emotions but to control them, not be controlled by them.”
The stress response *initially* involves this system.
The limbic system
Epinephrine is:
release five times as often as norepinephrine
T/F If you are playing video games, surfing the net, or using a smart phone all day long, more than likely you are not directly getting enough of the sunshine vitamin.
T/F By and large, healing and curing mean the same thing.
T/F According to cell biologist Bruce Lipton, cells don’t have the ability to both grow and protect their own integrity at the same time.
T/F “Future shock” is an unproven theory, according to futurist Alvin Toffler.
Only ___% of lymphocites are in circulation at any one time.
Which of the following is not in the sequence of the fight-or-flight response?
Libmic system releases ACTH from the hypothalamus
T/F The leading cause of incivility in America is aggressive radio talk show hosts.
T/F A metastudy of historical records and various findings suggest that as global temperatures rise, so too do increases in aggression and violence.
T/F The key to helping relieve the stress of PTSD appears to be releasing memories from the unconscious mind.
The “Ghost in the Machine,” a term often used with Descartes’ mind-body dualism, is really another name for:
Nitsa Lallas attributes the cause of America’s current demise of civility to:
narcissim and lack of values
T/F When used correctly, co-rumination is considered an effective coping skill for women to cope with stress.
The thyroxine axis *begins* in this endocrine gland.
T/F The release of cortisol is initiated from the ACTH axis.
T/F Stress affects Type II diabetes in two ways: 1) blood sugar levels increase and 2) self-care decreases.
Which of the following characteristics is not typically experienced in the fight-or-flight response?
Increased gastric movement
T/F The Shallow Effect: Weblink jumping and cherry picking information leads to an inability to concentrate, focus, and comprehend a subject well.
According to the experts, the field of sociology involves the study of human behavior within all but the following:
This endocrine gland is called the *master gland* for its role in hormonal control.
T/F The hormone oxytocin is credited with fostering the tend-and-befriend effect.
According to the Borysenko stress and disease model, cancer is regarded as an:
endogenous underreaction
T/F Water, and the lack thereof, is suggested to become a significant social stressor in the months and years to come.
T/F Conceptually speaking, the holistic paradigm of health was inspired by the philosophy made famous by Rene Descartes.
Regarding stress management, the holistic wellness paradigm suggests that:
All of the above.
This stressor would be classified as a bioecological influence:
Inadequate sunlight
As population increases, _________________.
civil behavior decreases
T/F Current estimates suggest that as much as 50% of all diseases and illness is either precipitated or aggravated by perceived stress.
T/F The Baby Boomer generation is said to be THE most stressed demographic age group in America today.
Stressfully speaking, the anxiety from the digital divide, information overload, and cell phone proliferation can be summed up in one expression:
For the most part, the western paradigm of health is based on the philosophy of this renowned scholar:
This vitamin is called the sunshine vitamin:
Vitamin D
T/F The pituitary gland in the limbic system registers pain and pleasure.
T/F The dualism of mind and body, which has so strongly influenced Western medicine, was conceived and advocated by Rene Descartes and by association, advocated by Isaac Newton.
T/F Experts agree that stress can best be defined as the “rate of wear and tear on the body.”