MKTG 2500 Ch. 14

Direct and Digital marketing
they provide buyers with anytime, anywhere access to products
Mobile Marketing
____________ can provide on the go product info, price comparisons, advice & reviews from others & access to instant deals/digital coupons
Digital Age with regards to marketing
digital networks allow marketers many ways to build customer relationships
Direct and Digital
marketing involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers & customers to both obtain an immediate response & building lasting consumer relationships
use omni-channel retailing
the growth of the internet caused many traditional companies to ____________ in response to customer demands & changing marketplace
True of Digital and direct marketing
they build a customer engagement and constitute a complete model for doing business
First step in conducting online marketing
Create a website
traditional direct marketing tool
Internet affecting direct and digital marketing
expenditures on direct and digital marketing have increased
Branded community website
online visitors cant buy anything at Instead, the site creates a virtual experience for sports enthusiasts that can be customized to meet their needs. This is an example of ______________.
Niche online social networks makes medium most appealing to marketers
Cater to needs of small communities of like-minded people
online marketing
___________ refers to marketing via the internet using company websites, online ads and promotions, marketing, online vids and blogs.
Invasion of consumer privacy
generally regarded as the toughest issue of public policy and ethics confronting the marketing industry
display and search related advertisements
Largest portion of firms’ online ads spending
Direct-mail marketing
Eric is a marketing director for a charity to provide education for families, he selects individuals who recently donated and sent them letters with charity info and donation instructions. Eric uses ___________ in this scenario