mgmt 3302 exam 1 chapter 2

According to Henri Fayol, _____ is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed.
a. compromising
b. leading
c. controlling
d. planning
Two companies operating from a single building have a conflict over the lack of parking facility available to their employees. They fail to come to a conclusion that benefits both, and eventually the company with the lesser number of employees loses the conflict and has to give up the use of the parking facility. In this context, which of the following methods was used to resolve the conflict?
a. Domination
b. Compromise
c. Accommodation
d. Mediation
Which of the following management theories uses a quantitative approach to find ways to increase productivity, improve quality, and manage or reduce costly inventories?
a. Management science
b. Administrative management
c. Operations management
d. Communications management
e. Information management
Which of the following is a part of an organization’s general environment?
a. Its suppliers
b. The customers to which it supplies
c. Its competitors
d. The economy in which it operates
e. Advocacy groups
_____ developed the five functions of managers and the fourteen principles of management.
a. Elton Mayo
b. Mary Parker Follett
c. Frank Gilbreth
d. Max Weber
e. Henri Fayol
A manager at Westworld Inc. is keeping a close eye on the progress of each of his employees toward the completion of a project. He often intervenes and makes corrections when needed. In this context, which of the following managerial functions is he performing?
a. Controlling
b. Coercing
c. Leading
d. Organizing
e. Planning
Integrative conflict resolution:
a. is a type conflict resolution which involves
b. involves a compromise.
c. focuses on finding an alternative that meets the needs of both parties.
d. focuses on developing two mutually exclusive alternatives.
e. is a type conflict resolution in which one side wins and the other loses.
According to Mary Parker Follett, _____ involves invention, and the clever thing is to recognize this, and not to let one’s thinking stay within the boundaries of two alternatives which are mutually exclusive.
a. delegation
b. coercion
c. compromise
d. integration
e. domination
According to Mary Parker Follett, if managers use _____ to settle or reduce conflict, each of the parties involved give up some of what they want.
a. arbitration
b. mediation
c. reallocation
d. compromise
e. negotiation
Which of the following management theorists believed that workers ultimately grant managers their authority?
a. Chester Barnard
b. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth
c. Elton Mayo
d. Mary Parker Follett
e. Max Weber
According to bureaucratic management, employees should be hired on the basis of _____.
a. the political influence of an applicant
b. educational background of an applicant
c. relation of an applicant with an employer
d. the budget of a company
e. personal appearance of an applicant
Prior to the introduction of _____, five workers each given an identical task could use five different methods to perform the task with some methods being significantly more efficient than others.
a. bureaucratic management
b. scientific management
c. systems management
d. information management
e. contingency management
Refer to ISG. What advice should you take from the teachings of Mary Parker Follett?
a. Rely on scheduling to eliminate bottlenecks.
b. Deal with the conflict the students may raise when asked to do the extra work.
c. Soldiering is a disruptive practice.
d. Use group dynamics to make the task easier.
e. There is no one best way to handle this situation.
Which of the following management theorists helped develop human relations management?
a. Mary Parker Follett
b. Max Weber
c. Henri Fayol
d. Frederick Taylor
e. Henry Gantt
Which of the following statements is true about bureaucracy?
a. It allows political connections to determine an individual’s power base within organizations.
b. It is the exercise of control by virtue of family connections.
c. It allows people to lead by virtue of their rational-legal authority.
d. It relies on scheduled, periodic corrective actions to operate at its most efficient.
e. It is based on the theory of behavioral reinforcement.
According to Henri Fayol, determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them is known as_____.
a. compromising
b. motivating
c. controlling
d. dominating
e. planning
Mark, a manager at a food processing company, notices that the productivity of the workers has gone down. He determines the reason as lack of motivation to perform their tasks. He gives a pep talk to the employees hoping to inspire them to perform their tasks more efficiently. In this context, Mark is performing the _____ function of management.
a. dominating
b. planning
c. organizing
d. controlling
e. leading
Identify the three ways in which Mary Parker Follett believed managers typically deal with conflict.
a. Coercion, mediation, and integration
b. Domination, compromise, and integration
c. Administration, coercion, and negotiation
d. Facilitation, mediation, and coercion
e. Accommodation, mediation, and coercion
Refer to ISG. You need to motivate the students to work much harder than they have been working all summer, and they have gotten used to a leisurely pace of work. One of the stated beliefs of _____ was that it is the management’s responsibility to pay workers fairly for their work, “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”
a. Elton Mayo
b. Max Weber
c. Frederick Taylor
d. Mary Parker Follett
e. Frank Gilbreth
Which of the following statements is true about the Gantt chart?
a. It is a precursor to the organizational chart.
b. It was an early method for breaking jobs down into their smallest common denominator.
c. It was a major tool of early scientific managers and is not widely used today.
d. It is a table that shows what tasks must be completed at which times in order to complete a project.
e. It is used for continuous training of front-line employees.
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth studied the psychology of groups.
a. True
b. False
Mary Parker Follett believed that managers could best deal with conflict through compromise.
a. True
b. False
Nearly all organizations that interact with their environments and depend on them for survival are viewed as ____.
a. closed systems
b. entropic subsystems
c. contingent systems
d. open systems
e. covert systems
A systems approach to management encourages managers to view each division as a separate, vital entity.
a. True
b. False