medical office management chapter 12

What percentage of the U.S. gross national product is accounted for by healthcare costs?
Which of the following was not a reason for development and promotion of electronic medical records?
Increasing age of the general population
Communication problems that lead to medical errors include all of the following except ____.
improper telephone etiquette
The goal of the presidential executive order signed in August 2006 was to give most Americans access to electronic health records by the year ____.
A patient’s personal health record is owned by the ____.
Which of the following is a true statement about a patient’s personal health record (PHR)?
PHRs may be stored and maintained on secure Internet sites.
Which of the following providers qualifies as a Medicare eligible provider (EP)?
Which of the following providers qualifies as a Medicaid eligible provider (EP)?
Physician assistant
Which step of “meaningful use” of EHRs for Medicare and Medicaid patients includes documenting the percentage of visits, diagnoses, prescriptions, immunizations, and other pertinent health information electronically?
Step 1
Which of the following is mandated in Step 2 of “meaningful use” of EHRs for Medicare or Medicaid patients?
Sending and receiving clinical information electronically
What is the maximum amount an eligible provider can earn from the federal incentive for EHR use in the Medicare program?
The estimated cost for the initial establishment of an EHR program is ____ per full-time provider.
The estimated maintenance cost for an EHR system is approximately ____ per year per full-time provider.
Which of the following is an advantage of EHRs?
Legibility of records
Which of the following is a disadvantage of implementing an EHR system?
Staff training requirements
Dr. Hillman broke his leg while he was on vacation last week. His office has fully implemented EHR, so he plans to work from home part of the time. He will go into the office only as necessary to see patients. Which of the following is not possible for Dr. Hillman using the EHR system?
Diagnose software problems on his home computer
Which of the following is not likely to be a required field in your EHR software’s form to be completed for each new patient?
Patient driver’s license
Generally, once an entry in an electronic health record is saved, a correction is made by ____.
adding an addendum
When information such as the result of a laboratory test is entered into a patient’s EHR, the information is available for viewing ____.
How many identifiers are required to correctly identify a patient’s EHR?
At least 2
How often should you change your password for the EHR system?
As directed by the healthcare facility
A function of EHR programs that allows you to make appointments for patients is the ____.
electronic scheduler
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using an electronic scheduler?
If the computer is down, the day’s schedule is not accessible
Many EHR programs that allow you to verify a patient’s insurance coverage can simultaneously capture the patient’s ____.
demographic information
If an EHR’s coding software detects a charge that does not match a diagnosis code, it may ____.
produce a flag to alert the medical office
In this morning’s monthly financial status meeting, the office manager asked Cheryl for an analysis of how much revenue is generated by each of several procedures that are commonly performed in the medical office. To accomplish this in the most accurate and efficient manner, Cheryl should ____.
use the EHR software’s report generator
At the physician’s request, Tony is attempting to enter a prescription for Mrs. Johnson for her high blood pressure. The EHR system keeps reporting an error: Incompatible medication. What might this mean, and what should Tony do about it?
Mrs. Johnson is either allergic to the medication or is taking another medication that interacts with it; Tony should consult the physician.
Which of the following is not an advantage of the integration of ancillary programs for labs and other diagnostic and therapeutic services with an EHR system?
Patients do not have to wait as long for lab or diagnostic appointments.
Many offices and EHR systems today allow patients to access and interact with certain parts of their EHR by providing a patient ____ to the system.
The greatest concern of electronic health records is ____.
protecting the confidentiality of patient records
Which of the following is not an acceptable method of reassuring patients and other staff members about EHR confidentiality and security?
Show patients that anyone can view their medical information
Like the rest of the office staff, Barry is still learning how to use the new EHR system installed in the medical office. He is with a patient and is attempting to document the patient’s chief complaint in the EHR system, but he cannot get the system to accept the information. What should Barry do?
Document the patient’s chief complaint on paper and enter it later into the EHR system.
Which type of electronic record is owned and maintained by the patient?
In order to qualify to receive financial incentives for using electronic health records, a physician must meet the criteria to be a Medicare or Medicaid ____.
eligible provider
Dr. Ehrlinger and Dr. Copas are partners who own and operate a small medical practice in rural Kentucky. They are considering upgrading their practice to use electronic health records, but they are concerned about the costs involved. Including the initial startup cost and the estimated cost to maintain the system, how much will upgrading to an EHR system cost the practice in the next 5 years?
In order to find out which patients are not paying their office claims and statements promptly, you could ask the EHR report generator to create a(n) ____ report.
The access codes that allow users to enter patient records in an EHR system insert a(n) ____ in the medical record, so that office administration can tell who is accessing each medical record.
date and time stamp
Who enters the data into a personal health record (PHR)?
Angie is a new patient at Dr. Vander’s office. She has an ear infection and the physician is prescribing an antibiotic. The medical office uses an EHR system and wants to transmit her prescription directly to Angie’s pharmacy. She filled out the standard patient information sheet, but unfortunately, she cannot remember the name or phone number of her pharmacy. What should Dr. Vander’s office do?
Print the prescription from the EHR software
Which of the following must a physician demonstrate in order to receive a financial incentive from the federal government for converting to an EHR system?
Meaningful use of the EHR program