marketing chapter 14-15

layman’s terms
words the average customer can understand
reasons for not buying or not seeing the salesperson
objections analysis sheet
a document that lists common objections
(v.) to restate in other words; (n.)a statement that presents a given idea in new language
substitution method
Replacing one variable with an equivalent expression containing the other variable
boomerang method
brings the objection back to the customer as a selling point
superior- point method
third party method
involves using a previous customer or another neutral person who can give a testimonial about the product
closing the sale
Obtaining a commitment from the customer to make a purchase.
buying signals
the things customers do or say to indicate a readiness to buy.
trial close
a step in the selling process that consists of a question or statement that moves the selling process toward the actual close
direct close
Closing technique in which salesperson asks for the sale
which close
encourages a customer to make a decision between two items
standing- room-only close
service close
explains services that overcome obstacles or problems
suggestion selling
selling additional goods or services to the customer.
customer relationship management