Marketing 3001 VALS

Ideals- Motivated Groups
Believers and Thinkers
Achievement motivated groups
Achievers and Strivers
Self-expression-motivated groups
Experiencers and Makers
mature, reflective, and well-educated people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility. Look for durability and function in products
Conservative, conventional people with strong beliefs in family, religion, etc. Familiar, family made products, and are brand loyal
Busy, goal-directed life with a commitment to career and family. Image is important to them. Prestige, time saving products.
trendy, fun loving, and not that self-confident. Lower levels of education and household income. Money defines success and prefers stylish products and are really impulsive.
enthusiastic and impulsive and active. Money spent on fashion items and on looking good/having the latest things.
experiences the world by working on it (fixing a car, etc). Unimpressed with material possessions unless they have a functional purpose.
Lives are characterized by variety and loves new ideas. Image is important and they have high esteem.
Low everything and are only focused on surviving. brand loyalty and love discounts