Management Information Systems

is the most important element of a computer system
a group of binary digits or bits
binary digits
bits either zero(off) or a one(on)
kilobyte (K)
collection of 1024 bytes
1024 kilobytes
1024 megabytes
1024 gigabyte
vertical market software
serves the needs of a specific industry
horizontal market software
provides capabilities common across all organizations and industries
The Four Major Operating Systems
-mac os
resides on more than 85% of the world’s desktops
Mac OS
primarily used by graphic artists and workers in the arts community
is an operating system that was developed at Bell Labs in the 1970s
is a version of Unix that was developed by the open source community
thin client
is one that runs within a browser and need not be pre-installed
thick client
is an application program that must be pre-installed on the client
cloud computing
is a form of hardware and software leasing in which organizations obtain server resources from vendors that specialize in server processing
open source
are free, but you pay for support. This is good, but what if it is not supported after a year or so.