livestock practicum ch.21

mortality rate
death loss or ___ rate is the most dramatic sign of health problems among animals
the best herd health-management programs involve ___ of disease
veterinarian assistance, sanitation, proper nutrition, record analysis, physical facilities, source of livestock, proper use of drugs, minimization of stress, and personnel training
what are the nine components of a herd health management program
An abnormal state in which the body is not functioning normally
contagious disease
A disease that is easily spread from one host to another
quality assurance program
program designed to help livestock producers improve their management practices, record keeping, and personnel training
A substance that kills or inhibits microbes and infection
Agents that destroy pathogens other than spores.
drugs to prevent diseases
drugs used to treat diseases
vital signs
body temp, respiration rate, heart rate
A condition that develops slowly and lasts a long period of time.
Beginning abruptly, with marked intensity or sharpness, then subsiding after a relitively short time; opposite of chronic
Ability to produce diseases
zoonotic disease
a disease communicable from animals to humans under natural conditions
Any inanimate object to which infectious material adheres and can be transmitted.