Leadership and Management in Nursing Chapter 7

what is the management function that regulates activities will plans according to standards?
what is the management activity that assembles and synchronizes people and activity so that they function harmoniously in the attainment of organizational objectives?
what is the management activity that gets work done through others by 1, giving directions, 2, supervising, 3, leading, 4, motivating, and 5, communicating?
what is the process with both interpersonal and technical aspects to which objectives of an organization are accomplished by using resources efficiently and effectively?
what is the management function that provides the relationship between people and activities in such a way as to fulfill the organizations objectives?
what is the primary management function that decide in advance what needs to be done and charts the course for future action?
what is the management activity that ensures the proper racial workers to work?
what are the organizational and professional structures that provide delivery of nursing? They are (the case method, functional nursing, team nursing, job redesign, and system redesign.
Systems of nursing care delivery
what decisions are managers expected to make?
Decisions about how others will use that time and be responsible for supervising those individuals.
What does MacGregor’s theory X say about people in the work environment?
Theory X assumes that people hate work and as a result have to be coerced, controlled, and directed by supervisors.
what does McGregors theory Y assume about people in the workplace?
Assumes that people take to work like play and as a result her self directed, responsible, incapable of solving problems.
Water intrinsic factors that motivate people?
Factors are associated with self-actualization on the job and include achievement, recognition, responsibility, growth, and advancement.
What are extrinsic factors that motivate people?
include company policy, supervision, working conditions, salary, and job security
what excellent approach is when managers are visible and close to the work unit? These managers are ready and willing to become involved.
A bias for action
what excellence approach refers to the need to seek customer satisfaction above all else? Active input is sought on a regular basis from those who are served.
Close to the customer
what excellence approach refers to the encouragement of risk-taking and a tolerance for failure among employees?
Autonomy and entrepreneurship
what excellent approach concerns the emphasis of respect for individuals in the workplace? Enthusiasm, trust, and a family feeling are fostered.
Productivity to people
what excellence approach refers to a clear company philosophy that is decimated and followed? The organization’s belief system is really forced. Leaders are positive role models, not rigid authoritative managers.
Hands-on value driven
what excellence approach means that managers manage and employees do what they do best? Emphasis is on the internal growth of the company.
Stick to the Knitting
what excellence approach were first to decentralizing authority as much as possible? Management staffs are are kept to a minimum, and talented employees are at the worksite.
Simple form, lean staff
what management approach refers to stringent strategic and financial control, counterbalance but decentralized authority, autonomy, and opportunities for creativity?
Simultaneous loose-tight properties
what is an excellent approach?
A conducted study of the 62 best run companies in America in which eight principles of excellence were concluded by Peters and Waterman.
what differentiates nursing management for professional management and other fields?
A philosophy of service
Concept introduced in the 1980s changed the nursing management’s role from an authoritative hierarchy to what it is today?
Concept of shared governance or shared decision-making
what is the most basic and essential activity of management?
when a manager holds monthly meeting, weekly staff sessions, and daily review of patient/client services they’re using what type of planning strategy?
standing plan
planning that occurs at an administrative level and includes an in-depth analysis of factors within them outside of the organization is what type of planning strategy?
Strategic planning
methods to increase revenue, consolidate services, reduce loss of profit, and provide income producing services is what type of planning?
Strategic planning
Refers to the establishment of a higher fee, number of levels, needed to do work of the organization.
Vertical differentiation
results from the speed to separate activities for more efficient and effective performance. Example is forming departments within an organization, enabling work to be accomplished through different services.
horizontal differentiation
The management activity that provides for appropriate and adequate personnel to fulfill the organizations objectives.
function of the manager who gets work done through others
giving directions, supervising, leading, motivating, and communicating our specific concepts of what?