A ________ shows the tasks, start and finish dates, and dependencies for the tasks of a project.
Gantt Chart
A business process that crosses into multiple companies is known as a(n) ________ business process.
A ________ is a network of activities, repositories, roles, resources, and data flows that interact to accomplish a business function.
business process
Activities are ________.
collections of related tasks that receive inputs and produce outputs
A(n) ________ is a physical repository.
In a business process, a role is ________.
a collection of procedures
Resources are ________.
people or computer applications that are assigned to roles
An as-is model ________.
documents the current situation of a business process
In business process management, once the as-is model is created, the team must ________.
create system components
Which of the following is an accurate representation of the steps in the business process management cycle?
model processes; create components; implement processes; assess results
The BPM process begins with the ________ stage.
model processes
Which of the following is NOT one of the five components of an information system?
Fixing the system so that it works correctly or adapting it to changes in requirements occurs in the ________ phase of the information system development process.
A ________ installation is the riskiest because the old system is turned off and the new system is turned on.
In a ________ installation, the new system runs alongside the old one until it has been tested and is fully operational.
With ________ installation, the organization implements the entire system/business processes on a limited portion of the business.
If the defined project is determined to be feasible, the next step is to ________.
form the project team
Organizational feasibility ________.
concerns whether the new system fits within the company’s customs and culture
________ feasibility refers to whether existing information technology is likely to be able to meet the needs of the new system.
What are the four dimensions of feasibility?
cost, schedule, technical, and organizational feasibility
Once we have defined the project’s goals and scope, the next step is to ________.
assess feasibility
The first step in the system definition phase of systems development is to ________.
define the goals and scope
Which of the following terms refers to the process of creating and maintaining information systems?
systems development
In BPMN, ________ depict the flow or sequence of the activities in the process.
solid arrows
In a BPMN process diagram, dotted arrows depict the flow of ________.
messages and data flows
A functional business process ________.
resides within a single business function in a single company
In cross-functional business process management, ________.
BPM authority is shared across several departments in a single company
Which of the following is not a functional process in an organization?
customer relationship management
________ is a standard set of terms and graphical notations for documenting business processes.
Business Process Modeling Notation
In a BPMN process diagram, a ________ represents the start of a process.
In a BPMN process diagram, a ________ represents an activity.
rectangle with rounded corners
In BPMN notation, ________ represent decisions and usually contain a question that can be answered with yes or no.
Developing, operating, and maintaining the organization’s computing infrastructure is a major function of the ________ department.
information systems
In organizations that operate significant non-accounting information systems, the chief information officer reports to the ________.
chief executive officer
If the primary information systems in an organization support only accounting and finance activities, the CIO should report to the ________.
In the IS department, the ________ group manages the computing infrastructure, including individual computers, computer centers, networks, and communications media. This group includes system and network administrators.
An important function of the ________ group in an IS department is to monitor the user experience and respond to user problems.
Which of the following is true for the various groups in an IS department?
The development group manages the process of creating new information systems.
Which of the following is true for the function of maintaining information systems?
Maintenance means fixing problems or adapting existing information systems.
If the organization does not develop programs in-house, then the development group of the information system department will include ________.
system analysts
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of a systems analyst?
writing programs
A ________ must work with users to determine system requirements and must also help determine system test plans.
system analysis
The responsibilities of a computer technician include ________.
installing software and repairing computer networks
Which of the following is true for changes in IS infrastructure?
Changing IS systems is expensive and time-consuming.
Which of the following is NOT true for information systems?
Information systems change only when organizations merge.
The ________ is the representative for IS and IT issues within the executive staff, providing the IS perspective during discussions of problem solutions, proposals, and new initiatives.
A(n) ________ is a group of senior managers from the major business functions that works with the CIO to set the IS priorities and decide among major IS projects and alternatives.
steering committee
Users’ computing needs vary according to the work they do. In response, most IS departments ________.
have developed a set of three or four different standard configurations
The IS department needs to work with the steering committee and ________ to ensure the standards are effective for most of the users.
In a well-run IS department, when a user reports a problem the department assigns a tracking number and the problem enters a queue for service. Which of the following statements is true in this case?
Problems are prioritized on the basis of how critical they are to the user’s work.
In addition to managing the computing infrastructure, the ________ manages enterprise applications as well.
IS department
A(n) ________ is a system that has outdated technologies and techniques but is still used, despite its age.
legacy information system
Which of the following is an example of a sniffing technique?
When referring to security threats, pretexting, sniffing, IP spoofing, and phishing are all examples of ________.
unauthorized data disclosure
________ occurs when a person gains unauthorized access to a computer system, invading a network to obtain critical data or to manipulate the system for financial gain.
Which of the following could most likely be the result of hacking?
an unexplained reduction in your account balance
Which of the following is an example of a human safeguard?
procedure design
Which of the following is a critical security function of senior-management involvement?
establishing the security policy and managing risk
Which of the following is the responsibility of senior management in an organization?
managing risk by balancing the costs and benefits of the security program
A security policy covering personal use of computers at work would be an example of a(n) ________.
issue-specific policy
Which element of the security policy specifies how the organization will ensure the enforcement of security programs and policies?
the general statement of the security program
________ refers to things we do not know, while ________ is the likelihood of an adverse occurrence.
Uncertainty; risk
Which of the following is the first step in risk management?
assess what the threats are
Which of the following was passed to give individuals the right to access their own health data created by doctors and other health-care providers?
The Privacy Act of 1974 covers ________.
records held by the U.S. government
Which of the following is an example of a technical safeguard?
Which of the following statements is true for biometric identification?
Biometric authentication often faces resistance from users for its invasive nature.
The IEEE 802.11 Committee, the group that develops and maintains wireless standards, first developed a wireless security standard called ________.
Wired Equivalent Privacy
________ eliminate(s) spoofing of public keys and requires browser to have a CA’s public key.
Digital certificates
Which of the following observations concerning Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is true?
It is a useful hybrid of symmetric and asymmetric encryption techniques.
You are doing an online fund transfer through the Web site of a reputed bank. Which of the following displayed in your browser’s address bar will let you know that the bank is using the SSL protocol?
________ is a method of mathematically manipulating the message to create a string of bits that characterize the message.
Which of the following is a technique used to ensure that plaintext messages are received without alteration?
digital signatures
________ is the term used to denote Trojan horses, spyware, and adware.
A(n) ________ is a type of virus that propagates itself using the Internet or other computer networks.
________ are viruses that masquerade as useful programs or files.
Trojan horses
Which of the following is considered malicious human activity?
hacking of information systems
The ________ pretends to be a legitimate company and sends an email requesting confidential data, such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, account passwords, and so forth.
________ is a technique for intercepting computer communications, either through a physical connection to the network or, in the case of wireless networks, with no physical connection.
________ occurs when someone deceives by pretending to be someone else.
Email spoofing is a synonym for ________.
________ take computers with wireless connections through an area and search for unprotected wireless networks and then monitor and intercept wireless traffic at will.
Drive-by sniffers