ISYS Chp 5

In computing, what is best described as where the user works?
Primary Storage
What does the acronym FAT mean?
File Allocation Table
How many bits in a byte?
What storage device is considered the slowest?
Magnetic Tape
A read/write head on a spinning disk is like what?
A record player arm
What coding scheme do mainframe computers use?
Which storage device is a series of stacked platters?
What coding scheme is used by most microcomputers?
What is the newer version of FAT?
What is the table of contents for a disk drive?
What is meant by the variety of ways a computer can save data and information?
Computer Storage
In computing, what is best described as where the user stores their work?
Secondary Storage
Physical items like desks, computers, and tractors constitute what in business?
Tangible Property
Operating systems have their file management systems modeled after what?
Filing Cabinets
What is the capacity of Cloud Storage?
How many Kilobytes are in a Megabyte?
Name a primary storage with no physical movement that can be accessed in any order.
What plan is for a future business catastrophes?
Disaster Recovery Plan
What storage device is reel-to-reel?
Magnetic Tape
What coding scheme is used for Japanese and Chinese computers?
What storage device is read sequentially?
Magnetic Tape
When data is no longer needed on a daily basis, how is it backed up?
What is bigger than a Yottabyte?
What was the storage capacity of a floppy disk?
1.44 Mg