international marketing research

the key component in developing successful marketing strategies and avoiding major marketing blunders
three information needs in international marketing
general information about the country or market, information necessary to forecast future marketing requirements, specific market information used to make product, promotion, distribution and price
the research process steps
define the research problem and establish research objectives,determine the sources of information to fulfill the research objectives, consider the costs and benefits of the research effort, gather the relevant data from secondary or primary sources or both, analyze, interpret and summarize the results, effectively communicate the results to decision makers
problems of secondary data
availability, reliability,comparability, and validating secondary data
primary data
information that is collected for the first time; used for solving the particular problem under investigation
secondary data
Data previously collected for any purpose other than the one at hand
quantitative research
structured research which uses the scientific method and standardized questions to make generalizations and predictions; includes: questionnaires, surveys and experiments
qualitative research
exploratory, in-depth research involving flexible, open-ended questions; includes: interviews, observation and focus groups
problems of gathering primary data
ability to communicate opinions, willingness to respond,sampling in field surveys,language and comprehension
back translation
The practice where a translated word or phrase is retranslated into the original language by a different interpreter to catch errors.
parallel translation
a technique in which two or more translators translate a questionnaire, compare their translations, and resolve any differences between the translations
it is a successive process of translation and retranslation of a questionnaire, each time by a different translator.
multicultural research
inquiry, analysis, and study of more than two countries and cultures that takes into account differences in language, economic structure, social structure, behavior, and attitude patterns. Different methods of research may have varying reliability in different countries.