Integrated Pest Management – Terms to Know

The complete elimination of a (pest) population from a designated area.
Preventing entry of a pest by the placement of a physical barrier such as a screen, caulking, or weather stripping.
First in – First out. It refers to rotating stored food and other products so that older stock is always used first, thereby decreasing the probability for pest infestation.
A sheltered, protected place.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
A management system that uses all appropriate strategies to reduce pest populations. Adoption of these methods may reduce the need for pesticide applications.
Checking or scouting an area to determine the level of infestation. This is often accomplished by using sticky traps in the area to be monitored.
An unwanted organism. This term is often applied to whatever species intrudes into our life.
A substance emitted by an animal that influences the behavior of other animals of the same species. Some pheromones are produced synthetically for use in insect traps.
Individuals of the same species occupying a defined area.
An insect that has the ability to render a pesticide harmless to itself. This resistant trait can then be passed to future generations genetically.