Injury Management

The state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person is
When does the rehab process start?
Immediately after the injury
If you are out on the soccer field and you see lightening. What should you do?
Stop activity and seek shelter
In giving emergency treatment for a heat stroke victim, what is the most important directive?
Lowering the body temperature with ice tub immersion and transporting the victim to the hospital via ambulance
Failure to use ordinary or reasonable care is known as
When one is controlling external bleeding what is the sequence of events?
apply direct pressure over the wound and elevate the body part
Which of the following is the most effective means for the body to dissipate heat when the temperature and radiant heat of the environment are higher?
Which best describes “sports medicine”
different specialized areas related to performance and injury
Increasing the strenuousness of exercise to a consistently higher level:
Which type of insurance covers a coach is sued for negligence?
liability insurance
What is portion of a person total body weight called that is composed of muscles, tendons, bones and connective tissue?
lean body weight
Which of the following modalities can be used to modulate pain activity?
. Maximal eccentric strength immediately preceding a concentric contraction is
plyometric exercise
Organization allows the individual discounted health care but only if the see a physician on the approved list:
Preferred provider organization
A legal wrong that is committed against a person or property is known as:
The ability of a muscle to exert force rapidly:
muscular power
Absence of sweating with hot, flushed, dry skin is a sign of:
Heat stroke
A bicep curl using a dumbbell:
isotonic exercise
Strengthening exercises are used commonly in the early phase of rehab
isometric exercise
Body fat percentages should not go below
5% for men 12% for women
Which of the following is most important in controlling swelling?
Strength training method changes the length of the muscle while the contraction is performed at a constant velocity
Which is part of the sports medicine team?
all the above
Most efficient source of energy is from what food group?
. Stretching method that uses an extreme stretch that is held for an extended period of time is which of the following:
static stretch
Which best describes malfeasance?
a legal wrong that is committed when an individual performs an act that is not his/ her legal duty
Exercises that utilize both concentric and eccentric contractions in which force is generated against resistance while the muscle is changing in length:
progressive resistive exercise
The athletic trainer is most directly responsible for all phases of healthcare except:
medical diagnoses of athletic injuries
Absence of certified athletic trainer a coach must be able to do all except:
diagnose injuries
Athletic training is
all the above
Hold relax is an example of a static stretching technique.
One of the duties of a team physician is to serve as an advisor to the athletic trainer, coach and athlete.
An athletes physician makes the final decision as to whether he/she can return
Long term goal of rehab is to return the athlete quickly and safe.
Swelling of an injured part is reduced by elevating the body part above the heart
Open kinetic chain exercises consist of those exercises in which the foot or hand is in contact with the ground
An individual suffering from heat cramps should ingest large quantities of fluid and sodium
Prevention of injury is a minor goal of athletic training.
Fast twitch muscle fibers are primarily anaerobic and do not depend on oxygen for their energy supply
An individual who fails to provide acceptable care and causes harm to the athlete is considered negligent.
Most common mechanism of injury to ankle
Plantar Flexion/ Inversion
During the healing process, phagocytic cells clean up
Pain on the anterior medial heel, first step in the morning
plantar fascitits
Most commonly sprained ligament in ankle
anterior talofibular
Patella usually dislocated in what direction
Another name for the heel
Which phases involves scar formation and repair
Which of the following structures has responsibility of cushioning the knee during impact
Lower leg, how many separate compartments
Which of the following structures is not a tarsal
Athlete immediate, significant swelling following an injury signs consistent with an injury to
cruciate ligament
Lachman’s test is used to evaluate stability
Which of the following is a condition common to runners and cyclist
illiotibial band syndrome
Condition when tissue fluid pressure has increased because of the confines of the fascia
compartment syndrom
How many phalanges are in the foot
The lateral malleolus is part of what bone
Complications is a result of repeated blows to the same area
myositis ossificans
What is another name for flat feet
pes planus
Symptom associated with stress fractures
plantar flexion and inversion
What motions occur at the subtalor joint
inverison and eversion
Main source of stability in the knee
If an athlete steps in a hole the ankle is forced into dorsiflextion, ligament involved
anterior tibiofibular
What is the most frequently injured aspect of the ankle
Lateral compartment of leg contains which muscle
peroneous brevis peroneous longus
Most injuries to medial collateral ligament result in blows to what aspect
Key to treating tendonitis
resting injured areas by eliminating irritating activity
Fracture characterized by bone fragment that has been pulled away
avulsion fracture
Degree classification of ligament sprain involves total tearing of tissu
third degree
Bone comes partially out of its normal articulation and goes back in
Which ligaments protect the knee from valgus stress and external tibial rotational forces
medial collateral
A stress fracture resulting from repeated microtrauma commonly occurs in weight bearing bones
Achilles tendon rupture is a common injury in young athletes
Distal end of tibia becomes enlarged, rounded, and projects forming the lateral malleolus
Proper physical conditioning is critical component of preventing knee injuries
Eversion ankle sprains are less common than inversion ankle sprains
Meniscal tears heal well intervention due to vascularity
Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the tendon sheath causing the sliding tendon to adhere to the synovial sheath
Any process that changes the mechanics of a joint can eventually lead to osteoarthritis
A jones fracture occurs at the base of the 5th metatarsal and most often occurs as sequel of a stress fracture
A strain involves damage to a ligament, a sprain involves damage to a muschle
Severe pain tenderness in anatomical snuffbox is caused by fracture of
scaphoid bone
If an athlete suffers a grade 1 concussion, in which case can he return to activity if it was athletes’ first concussion?
No symptoms for 1 week
What muscle Attaches to lateral epicondyle of the humerus?
wrist extensor and supinator
What is not a indicative of a serious eye injury?
excessive watering of the eyes
what are the signs of clavical fracture
all of the above
Which of the following actions should not be done regarding to nose bleed?
tilt the head back to stop the bleeding
When the shoulder is dislocated outwards, it is displayed by
flattened deltoid
What is the direction in which anterior glenohumeral dislocation occurs?
abduction and exeternal rotation
When falling on an outstretched hand, elbow dislocates in what direction to ulna and radius?
What should you do first when evaluating unconsciousness athlete?
check the possibility of impaired breathing
Which direction is the shoulder most commonly dislocated
What is the mechanism for acromioclavicular sprain?
fall on an outstretched arm
What is the muscle located on the posterior surface of the arm?
What is the throwing motion phase where external rotators and rotator cuff are contracted eccentrically?
All of the athletes listed are prone to overuse shoulder injury except
When you deal with avulsed tooth, you should do all of the following except:
scrubbing the tooth to remove the dirt
Acromion process is a part of:
What muscle is not a part of rotator cuff?
What is the most important in preventing a head injury?
correct tackling technique
Athlete can return to participation following concussion in all the following except:
they have a slight headache
Which can occur if athlete with previous concussion is returned to play prior to resolution of all symptoms?
second impact syndrome
Reason for impingement injuries occur because of:
reduction of the space through which supraspinatus can pass
Which is known as a true shoulder joint?
glenohumeral joint
Prevention of shoulder injuries can be accomplished by all of the following except: –
development of extreme flexibility
Which of the regions contain spinal fluid?
subarachnoid space
Which results in a rupture of digitorum profundus tendon
jersey finger
Which rotator cuff muscle abducts shoulder?
Lateral epicondylitis results from
repetitive extension of the wrist
What muscle has a major function to stabilize the shoulder
rotator cuff
A deformity caused by a rupture of the extensor tendon over the distal phalanx is called what condition?
mallet finger
The continual use of the arms above the horiantal plane in an athletic endeavor has been known to lead to an impingement syndrome
An acromioclavicular sprain is most often induced by a direct blow to the tip of the shoulder, pushing the acromion process downward, or a fall on an outstretched hand.
Naming the months of the year in revearse order is commonly used as an on the field cognitive test.
Tenosynovitis of the long head of the biceps muscle is common among athletes who execute a throwing movement as part of their event.
Pitcher’s elbow, golfers elbow, and little league elbow refer to lateral epicondylitis
The most commonly fractured carpal bone is the hamate.
A hyphema is a collection of blood within the anterior chamber of the eye
A colles’ fracture is a fracture of the proximal end of the radius.
The most direct cause of anterior glenohumeral dislocations are situations in which the arm is forced into abduction, external rotation, and extension.
A subdural hematoma occurs as a result of arterial bleeding within the skull