Infectious Disease

Question Answer
Hepatitis A Viral disease of liverFatigue, low appetite, stomach pains, jaundice, nausea, dark urine, intense itchingRoute of infection is contaminate food or waterWash hands, dona??t share food, get vaccinated
Hepatitis B Viral disease of the liverFever, jaundice, clay coloured poop, joint pain, abdominal pain, dark urineBodily fluid transmission Prevention: condoms, dona??t use dirty needles, vaccinate
Hepatitis C Viral disease of the liverFever, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine joint pain, jaundice Route of infection bodily fluids, blood transfusions prior to 1990Prevention: hygiene, condoms, liver transplant, supportive meds
TB Bacterial infection that mainly attacks lungs can attack spine brain and kidney Bad cough for 3+ week

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