HFT 2500 ch. 10

Training employees to do two or more jobs within the organization is called:
cross training
T/F There is no relationship between guest satisfaction levels and employee turnover levels
Service organizations need to hire for __________ and train for ________
attitudes, skills
T/F The issue of nonroutine transactions will become increasingly more important.
T/F In the hospitality industry, most marketing activity is carried out by employees within the marketing department.
Full-service restaurants have an employee turnover rate of _________ percent for hourly employees.
An internal customer for an organization is:
T/F One major barrier to internal marketing is middle management.
When the employees of an organization have the necessary authority to take care of a customer’s needs or resolve any problem, this is an example of:
A pattern of shared values and beliefs that gives members of an organization meaning, providing them with the rules for behavior in the organization, is called:
Organization culture
T/F When management empowers employees, responsibility to make decisions moves to the employees.
T/F As a rule, today’s restaurant management rewards employees on the basis of customer satisfaction levels.
A moment of truth occurs when employees and _________ have contact.
Marketing by a service firm to effectively train and motivate its customer-contact employees and all the supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction is called:
Internal marketing
When a company has a service culture, the organizational chart is ___________
turned upside down
In firms that have ________ cultures, there are few or no common values and norms.
An internal marketing program requires a strong commitment from ________