Government Ch. 8

Presidential succession
The order in which officials fill the office of president in case of a vacancy.
Member of a chosen in each state to formally elect the president and vice president.
Electoral vote
The official vote for president and vice president by electors in each state.
Secretaries of the executive departments, the vice president, and other top officials that help the president make decisions and policy.
Deliberately disclose.
Central clearence
Office of Management and Budget’s review of all legislative proposals that executive agencies prepare.
National Security Adviser
A special assistant for national security affairs.
Press secretary
One of the president’s top assistants who is in charge of media relations.
What are four special benefits of the President?
1. A yearly salary of $400,000, a nontaxable travel allowance of $100,000 per year.
2. Receives free medical, dental, and health care during his/her residence in the 132-room mansion.
3. Has a swimming pool, bowling alley, private movie theater, tennis courts, and a staff of servants.
4. Receives protection from the secret service.
How does the Electoral College operate?
It provided that each state would choose electors according to a method the state legislatures set up. Each state would have as many electors as it had senators and representatives in Congress.
How are cabinet members selected and appointed?
1. Presidents must balance a great many political, social, and management considerations.
2. Secretaries should have some credible expertise in the policy their departments will manage.
3. Appointees must be acceptable to all groups with political power.
4. Patronage and party loyalty also are usually important.
What is the EOP?
Consists of individual and agencies that directly assist the president.
What are two functions of the OMB?
1. Prepares the national budget that the president proposes to Congress each year.
2. Reviews all legislative proposals that executive agencies prepare.
What is the NSC?
Advises the president and help coordinate American military and foreign policy.
What are four key positions of the White House Office staff?
1. One task is to gather information and provide advice about key issues facing the president.
2. Top staff members act as enforcers, trying to make sure the executive agencies and departments carry out key directives from the President.
3. Other staffers present the presidential views to the outside world.
4. The executive departments and agencies write the president thousands of reports and memos.
What is the Presidential Medal of Honor?
It’s usually presented by the President at the White House in a formal ceremony intended to represent the gratitude of the American people.
What are the three oldest agencies in EOP?
The Office of Management and Budget, the National Security Council, and the Council of Economic Advisers.
What is the 12th Amendment?
Election of President and Vice President (1804)
What takes place when a new President takes office?
An inauguration.
What is the 22nd Amendment?
Limit on Presidential Terms (1951)
What is the 25th Amendment?
Presidential Disability and Succession (1967)
What are the constitutional qualifications for President?
1. A natural-born citizen of the US
2. At least 35 years old
3. A resident of the US for at least 14 years
Where does the president live?
The White House
Who was the first President?
George Washington
Who is now President?
Barack Obama.
Who is the Vice President?
Joe Biden