google adwords search advanced

How can advertisers see specific search queries that have caused their ads to show, even if those queries are not keywords within their accounts
Select the “Details” drop-down menu on the Keywords tab
On which tab can advertisers see credits for invalid clicks within their AdWords accounts?
In order to achieve the best performance possible from text ads, which is a best practice that should be followed?
Use account statistics and reports to monitor ad performance
Which information does the Conversion Optimizer need in order to find the optimal cost-per-click (CPC) bid for an ad each time the ad is eligible to appear?
Historical conversion data
If an advertiser has the same keyword in two different ad groups, the one to win a given auction will be the keyword with the:
highest Ad Rank
A high Quality Score can:
improve an ad’s position
Each of the following are benefits you would expect from Product Listing Ads except:
Automatically produced video commercials
The AdWords Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to use application that:
interact directly with the AdWords server
What are Sitelinks?
Links to more pages of your site that appear beneath the text of your Search ads
An advertiser can apply mobile bid adjustments at which of the following levels?
Campaign level
AdWords Editor allows users to:
access multiple accounts offline
One factor the AdWords system uses to calculate an ads actual cost-per-click (CPC) is the:
Ad Rank of the ad showing one position lower on the page
Advertisers can provide physical address information about their businesses through Google Places accounts. Ads that include this type of information are eligible to show on:
any networks selected in the campaign settings
What is the definition of actual cost-per-click (CPC)?
The least possible CPC the advertiser needs to pay to maintain an achieved position
An advertiser made edits to an AdWords ad and noticed that the position of the ad decreased. What is the most likely cause for the decrease in position?
The edited ad is less relevant to the keywords within the ad group
You are running a Search campaign for an accounting software provider that wants to estimate lifetime customer value as a primary benchmark for performance. They charge $10/mo for Basic service and $20/mo for Pro. Which formula best describes their average lifetime customer value across all service offerings?
($10)*(% Basic customers)*(Basic average lifetime in months) + ($20)*(% Pro customers)*(Pro average lifetime in months)
An advertiser has several keywords set to broad match and would like to see the actual search queries that triggered his ads. This information can be found in the:
“Details” drop-down menu on the Keywords tab.
An advertiser wants to increase the position of an ad on Google, but is not willing to raise bids to accomplish this goal. What else should the advertiser do in an attempt to increase Ad Rank?
Make changes to improve components of the Quality Score (expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience)
Which allows advertisers to automate AdWords reporting and campaign management?
Use of an AdWords Application Programming Interface (API) web service
How might an advertiser compare, over time, two campaign metrics such as “cost per conversion” and “cost”?
Select the two metrics in “Graph options” on the Campaigns tab.
Exact Match Impression Share metrics:
calculate impression share as if all keywords were set to exact match
Dynamic search ads would be most helpful for…
Websites with hundreds or thousands of products, services, or listings that frequently change
Janes e-commerce site sells a wide variety of bicycle equipment. She wants to estimate her profit-per-conversion for each ad group to get a sense of which ad groups are immediately profitable in the short term. Which formula best estimates Janes profit-per-conversion before advertising expenses?
(Avg Revenue per Order) * (Profit Margin)
Which is the next stage of detection in an AdWords account, if Googles automatic filtering system does not successfully remove all potentially invalid clicks?
Proactive offline analysis by the Google Ad Traffic Quality Team
The keyword insertion code in an ads headline reads: “Buy {KeyWord:Books}.” The related ad appeared when a user searched “flower books” and the query expanded to a broad-matched keyword in the account, “gardening books.” In this example, how would the ads headline be displayed?
Buy Gardening Books
You are gaining a reputation as a true wizard of AdWords and just won a multi-million dollar client to consult on bidding strategy. Your new client asks you to set bids that maximize profit, focus on the top 3 positions, and minimize CPA. How can you most effectively meet their goals?
Explain that all three objectives contradict each other and the tradeoffs at risk. Understand the clients priorities and adopt a bidding strategy with minimal contradictions.
Intergalactic Teleportation Inc uses AdWords to generate leads for their sales team. Leads are tracked by Conversion Tracking via a Contact Sales form. The sales team converts 10% of leads into deals. For each deal an additional 15% of business is gained from word-of-mouth. Which formula best describes value-per-conversion?
(Average deal value) * (10%) * (115%)
You are CEO of a small e-commerce shop and your team is debating AdWords performance metrics to maximize profit. Budget is unlimited as long as ROI is positive. Whose recommendations most effectively position you for maximum profit?
“Lets start by verifying our campaign is profitable, then test different CPA targets to find which maximizes total profit.”
An advertiser selling anti-bacterial toothbrushes wants to invest in their brand with a set marketing budget. They want another campaign that maximizes profit as long as ROI is positive. Which account structure achieves both goals?
Allocate the set marketing budget across dedicated branding campaigns. Create a separate campaign that can extend its daily budget after profitability is achieved.
Which AdWords feature is compatible with Conversion Optimizer
Ad Extensions
An advertiser who works for a large company wants to make frequent, specific changes to bids based on criteria for more than 100,000 keywords. Which would be the most efficient tool for that advertiser to use?
AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)
How does the Conversion Optimizer use an advertisers cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bid to determine the optimal equivalent cost-per-click (CPC) bid for each auction?
The CPA bid is multiplied by the predicted conversion rate
Which feature distinguishes location extensions from regional and customized campaign targeting?
Location extensions will appear when a user located near the advertised business searches on relevant terms.
Which scenario would record to two conversions (1-per-click)?
A user clicks on an ad and converts. The user performs the search again the following day, clicks on the same ad and converts again
Assuming default cookie expiration timing, a conversion (1-per-click) is recorded when:
a single conversion is made within 30 days following an AdWords ad click
Which can be specified at the campaign level?
Network distribution