Giver Vocab Ch 10-14

Term Definition
Assuage Verb – To make easier to handle (Such as a burden or task.)
Sinuous Adj – snake-like and wavy
Ominous Adj – showing a sign of something bad to come
Irrational Adj – unable to reason with logic
Assimilate Verb – to adopt the ways and adapt into a culture or society
Destination Noun – the goal of a journey
Frigid Adj – freezing cold
Admonition Noun – a gentle criticism
Agony Noun – extreme pain of the body or mind
Sparse Adj – very few
Origin Noun – the basic source of something
Significance Noun – having importance
Isolation Noun – Separation from others
Mutilate Verb – to mess up by cutting to destroying in some other way
Skeptical Adj – being doubtful that something is true or is as it appears to be

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