Giver CH. 10-14 CH 10-14 Vocab

Term Definition
Assuage Verb. To make easier to handle
Sinuous Adj. Snake-Like and wavy
Ominous Adj. Showing sign of something bad to come
Irrational Adj. Unable to reason with logic
Assimilate Verb. To adopt the ways and adapt into a culture or society
Destination Noun. The goal of a journey
Frigid Adj. Freezing cold
Admonition Noun. Gentle criticism
Agony Noun. Extreme pain of the body or mind
Sparse Adj. Very few
Origin Noun. The basic source of something
Significance Noun. Having importance
Isolation Noun. Separate from others
Mutilate Verb. To mess up by cutting or destroying in some other way
Skeptical Adj. Being doubtful that something is true or is as it appears to be

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