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What is the short term changes in the air for a given time and place? Weather
What is a regions average weather conditions over a long period of time? Climate
The place where two air masses of different temperatures or moisture meet? Front
Winds that blow in the same direction over large areas of earth Prevailing winds
Large streams of surface seawater they move heat around earth Ocean currents
SSeasonal wind that brings either dry or moist air Monsoons
A semi dry grassland or prairie steps often border deserts Steppe
An area of tall grass and scattered trees and scrubs Savanna
Permanently frozen layer of soil permafrost
The land water climate plants animals of an area surroundings Environment
A group of plants animals that depend on each other for survival and the environment in which they live Ecosystem
The place where a plant or animal lives Habitat
The spread of desert like conditions Desertification
Decayed plant or animal matter it helps will support abundant plant life humus
The clearing of trees Deforestation
Any material in nature that people use in value Natural resources
A resource the earth replaces naturally such as water sale trees plants and animals Renewable resources
Resource that cannot be replaced naturally coal and petroleum are examples Nonrenewable resources
Nonrenewable resources that form from the remains of each of plants and animals coal petroleum and natural gas are examples fossil fuela?˜s
The product of electricity from water powers such as from running water Hydroelectric power

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