Fundamentals of Marketing Chapter 19

Non personal promotion which promotes ideas, goods, services by using a variety of media
Promotional advertising
Advertising designed to increase sales
Institutional advertising
Advertising designed to create favorable image
Agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the pub.
Print Media
Advertising in newspaper, magazines and other thing like that.
Transit advertising
Advertisement seen on public transportation.
Broadcast media
Encompass radio and television
Internet advertising
Advertising that uses other email or the web
brief digital broadcast that includes audio and video in combination
Are personal web sites where individuals share thoughts, pictures and comments
Special Media
Inexpensive useful products that are imprinted with a company’s name or logo.
Media planning
Process or selecting the appropriate advertising media and deciding the time or space in which ads should appear
The people exposed to an ad
The number of times the audience sees the ad
Single exposure to an ad message
Is the media measurement of exposing 1,000 readers or viewers to an ad impression