Fundamentals of Management D2L Quiz 1

The nature of management is to control and dictate others in an organization.
In today’s turbulent and hypercompetitive global environment, managers must help their companies innovate more than ever.
Despite the need for companies to control costs in today’s economy, innovation has become the new imperative.
Leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals.
All managers have to pay attention to costs and according to research, the best way to improve organizational effectiveness is by severe cost cutting.
Only the top managers in organizations need conceptual skills since it involves planning.
One of the biggest mistakes during turbulent times is managers’ failure to comprehend and adapt to the rapid pace of change in the world around them.
Manager least enjoy activities such as controlling subordinates and managing time pressures.
A manager forwards information to other organization members in the disseminator role.
The disturbance handler role involves the initiation of change, thinking about the future and how to get there.
Not-for-profit organizations, such as The Red Cross and the Girl Scouts, represent a major application of management talent.
_____ has become the new imperative, despite the need for companies to control costs in today’s economy.
Which of the following is a function of management?
When Terry Doyle of CommuniCom, Inc. created smaller, more independent maintenance units, he was performing the function of _____.
_____ is the management function concerned with monitoring employees’ activities, keeping the organization on track toward its goals, and making corrections as needed.
Jessica was recently praised by her supervisor for displaying superior customer service during an encounter with a problem customer. This is an example of organizational:
One of the things managers enjoy doing the most is:
Leading others.
The president of Pepsi Company is the keynote speaker at a retirement dinner for a long time bottler. This is an example of which of the following roles?
Figurehead role
Maintaining information links are the activities consistent with the _____ role.
Managers, in today’s work environment, rely less on _____ and more on _____ leadership.
autocratic; empowering