Fire Science-Special Populations-Chp 34, 35, 36 & pre37

A 4 year old child is generally categorized as a:
In general a child is considered an adolescent when he reaches the age of ___ years.
The anterior fontanelle should be closed tween the ages of _______ months.
increased intracranial pressure
A bulging fontanelle in a quietly resting child may be an indication of
keeping nose clear of secretions
What is a consideration in airway management in a pediatric patient.
movement of the abdomen with respiratory effort
Because infants and small children rely more heavily on the diaphragm for breathing, respiratory distress can be detected by observing:
What term refers to a frightened child’s tendency to act younger than his/her age
fear permanent disfigurement from injuries
When dealing with teenagers, be aware that most
An EMT does not have to attempt to get a blood pressure on children younger than ____ years.
grunting at the end of expriration
In assessing a 2 year old child whose mother states that she has had a fever for several hours, a cause for concern is:
younger than 6 years
At what age should capillary refill should be assessed in children?
back slaps and chest thrusts
A 6 month old male who began choking on peaches is having retractions of his intercostal muscle, is drowsy and grayish in color. What is the BEST intervention for this patient.
Artificial ventilations for a 5 year old should be provided at a rate of ____ per minute.
heart failure
______ is NOT a common cause of shock in infants and children.
respiratory failure
_____ is the most common cause of cardiac arrest in pediatric patients.
decreased muscle tone
What is a sign of the most severe respiratory distress in a 1 year old pediatric patient?
What is the most common cause of seizures in infants and children?
What is the most common cause of death in children?
child abuse
The following are symptoms that are indicative of ____. Signs of drug abuse in the home, improperly healed bones, multiple bruises on the buttocks and/or back that are in various stages of healing.
What aged child may think his/her injuries are a punishment for being bad.
What lung condition typically occurs in older persons?
What is an early sign of respiratory distress in an 18-month-old patient?