Essential Marketing Metrics 1-15

Brand Awareness
Ability to recall a product or service
Customer pretest of a product or service prior to purchase
Percentage or existing customers who stop purchasing your products or services, often measured in a year
Customer satisfaction measured by asking, “Would you recommend this product or service to a friend or colleague?”
Take Rate
Percentage of customers accepting a marketing offer
Net Present Value
Internal Rate of return
The time for a marketing investment to pay back the cost of the initiative
Customer Lifetime Value
Future Value of customer
Cost per click on a sponsored search link or banner advertisement
Transaction conversion rate (TCR)
the percentage of customers who purchase after clicking through your website
Return on Ad dollars Spent (ROA)
Net Revenue/Cost
Bounce Rate
Percentage of customers who leave your website after spending less than five seconds on your site
Word of Mouth (WOM)
(Number of direct clicks+number of clicks from recommendations)/Number of direct clicks