Term Definition SYNONYM
AMBITIOUS Someone who tries hard to do big things and tries to use everything they can to help them reach their goal. RESOURCEFUL
CLEVER Someone who is fun and smart WITTY
FUNNY A person who makes you laugh HILARIOUS
FOOL A person who makes you laugh about stupid things DODGY
AMUSING A person who makes you laugh COMICAL, COMIC
ARROGANT A person who acts like they are better than you. SHOW-OFFS
WELL-MANNERED A person who shows respect for others. POLITE
RUDE A person who doesn't care about other's feelings or rules. IMPOLITE
HOTHEADED A person who gets angry easily. MOODY
CHEERFUL Someone who is happy. DELIGHTED
EXUBERANT Someone who is very very happy. ECSTATIC
STRESSED When we have many things to deal with ANXIOUS
TIRED To be without energy EXHAUSTED
EASY-GOING A person who likes going out and talking to people EXTROVERT

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