describe the key components of the human resources management process and important influences on that process

what is the human resources management process ?
the management that is concerned with getting, training, motivating and keeping competent employees
what are the three key steps on the human resources management process
1. identification and selection of competent employees
2. having adapted, competent employees up-to-date with skills, knowledge and abilities
3. having these competent and high performing employees sustain their high performance over a long term
what are the components of identification and selection of competent employees
strategic human resource planning
recruitment and selection
down sizing
what is strategic human resource planning
this is a HRM process that involves planning that involves assessing the currents state of human resources; identifying the need for increasing or decreasing workforce; comparing the goals of the organisation against the skill set available in the organisation. this allows for effective recruitment and downsizing of the workforce. measuring productivity levels of the current workforce.
what are the components of keeping competent and adapted employees up-to-date
firstly HR managers provide orientation to the new employees.
how does orientation allow selected and identified employees to keep up to date with the existing workforce
it ensures that they can adapt to the new environment quickly. this includes understanding the work environment, the norms and the organisational culture. this allows for conformity.
after orientation what is offered to new employees so that they will keep up to date?
training and development
why would training and development be offered
this is to ensure that employees are equipped with skills that will result optimum productivity
next safety and health standards are educated
this ensures that the workplace abides by the law. many regulations and legislation govern every organisation. some examples of them include – crimes act 1958 and sex discrimination act 1984
what are the components of educating competent employees so that they can sustain high productivity levels in the long run?
offering incentives like compensation and benefits ; correcting performance problems and identifying performance problems all different ways to ensure sustained performance levels