Chapter 5 vocab

Term Definition
Trend 224 Something that is popular in pop culture for a period of time.
Inclined 225 You're obligated to do something.
Accurate 225 To be correct in all details.
Reluctant 225 Unwilling to do something.
Aggregate 225 Several elements coming together.
Consumer 226 Someone that actively purchases goods or services.
Hybrid 235 A mix of an element of some kind.
Economist 235 Someone who researches economics
Invested 235 To put forth some type of effort into something that will pay off in the long run.
Frequented 235 To visit a location or person a lot.
Spotlight 260 Having all the focus and attention facing on you.
Assets 260 Something or someone that benefits you in some way.
Tycoon 260 A wealthy or powerful person.
Algorithm 261 A type of mathematical code that is the foundation for something.
Humiliating 261 To be completely embarrassed of something.
Solitary 266 Being completely alone in every form.
Resilient 266 To be strong minded about something that you don't give up on.
Analogy 266 A comparison between two things, involving a person,place or thing.
Cavalcade 267 A fancy form of walking or riding.
Capital 268 To have a personal increase in wealth.

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