CH9 DBMS (Database Management System)

DMBS feature: program development
user created applications
DMBS feature: backup and recovery
copies database
DMBS feature: database usage reporting
captures statistics on database
DMBS feature: database access
authorizes access to sections of the database
DMBS feature: user programs
makes the precense of the DBMS transparent to the user
DMBS feature: direct query
allows authorized users to access data without programming
data definition language
programming language used to define the database per se
internal view
physical arrangement of records, 1 view
conceptual view (schema)
representation of database, 1 view
user view (subschema)
the portion of the database each user views, many views
data manipulation language
programming language that a particular DBMS uses to retrieve, process, and store data to / from the database
query language
permits end users and professional programmers to access data in the database without the need for conventional programs